Thursday, September 7, 2017

Tyne Bank Brewery market shindig

You know what goes great together? COMICS and BEER. This is a proven fact.

On Saturday 16th September we'll be around at Tyne Bank Brewery. They make beer, we make comics. I mean, to be honest, they're a bit more professional about making beer than we are about making comics, but it still feels an excellent combination. Their brewery tap (just on the outskirts of Ouseburn) is a lovely space (with great beverages, obviously), so why not come and check it out.

As well as hawking a load of splendid comics, we'll be running drawing games and just generally chatting on to folks (mostly touting our very-nearly-complete-and-super-excellent new anthology Bad Decisions ...And That, out soon).

And you know what else goes well with COMICS and BEER? MUSIC, ART, and FOOD! That's all covered too! There'll be a Long Play CafĂ© vinyl sale and DJ sets, Mushroom Works and Nowt Special artists, and filthy burger specialists Fat Hippo.

All grand stuff - get it in your diary.

Ooh, also, our Amazing Adventure Comics Machine ...And That anthology was recently reviewed by Andy Oliver over at Broken Frontier - "a welcome reminder of the grassroots community spirit of the small press" YEAH! THAT'S HOW WE ROLL!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Pocket Geek / Small Press Day 2017!

Saturday 8th July 2017! It's Small Press Day! It's Pocket Geek convention at Gateshead Library!

Paper Jam will be celebrating the former by being at the latter!

Check out some top quality comics and art from Brittany Coxon, En Gingerboom, Paul Thompson, and more – including Paper Jam’s latest team anthology The Amazing Adventure Comics Machine …And That. In addition to having wondrous things for sale, we’ll be demonstrating our verbosity (or just making fools of ourselves) taking on the Anime Attacks crew in another session of daft panel game ‘Just A Comics Minute’, and we’ll be running collaborative drawing games throughout the day, hoping for participation from everyone – whatever your level of experience, everyone can do comics!

Of course, there's tonnes of other varied interesting stuff afoot at Pocket Geek - Gaming! Anime! Cosplay! Workshops! Including one on visual narrative by En, which is sure to be superb:

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Temporary relocation

NOTE! Due to circumstances beyond our control, the June meeting (8th June), as with the May meeting, will be in the Mile Castle pub, just down the road from Travelling Man. We'll try and book tables. Highly likely to be on the top floor.

Hopefully, back at Travelling Man for July meeting.